Hosted Email Encryption ($4.50/user/month)

Hosted Email Encryption ($4.50/user/month)

SKU: ZIX-1001
  • Compatible with Exchange and other email services
  • Easy set-up and minimal maintenance
  • Policy-based content scanning 
  • Branded portal

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Greenview's Hosted Email Encryption uses Zix's cloud email encryption service that is trusted by some of the most security conscious organizations in the country. Customers include Humana, WellPoint, many FFIEC regulators (including the OTS, OCC and NCUA), and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

As a cloud-based service, Greenview Data Email Encryption requires no additional infrastructure, hardware or software. Best of all, there is no public key management on either end! The annual pricing is so cost-effective, that having the ability to send encrypted email to any patient, client or customer at any time can easily pay for itself.

Sending an encrypted email is as easy as sending a regular email. Simply use your existing web-enabled device and favorite email client or browser. If the content matches a policy, the email will be encrypted. To encrypt any email manually, simply add a keyword to the subject line or (with some email clients) click the Send Encrypted button.

Use it with your existing business email

Greenview Data's hosted email encryption works with all leading email platforms. Other than a simple DNS change, no hardware or software changes are required. Encrypt any outgoing message by policy and send and receive email as you normally would.

Being fully hosted, there are no opportunities for "brute force attacks" directly on the transmitted files.